Turtle Island
  • A group of islands off the southwest peninsular, the Turtle Islands are idyllic for fishing. They are remote and hard (and potentially expensive) to get to; it can take at least 4 hours from Freetown by speedboat. If you do make it to Bonthe then we recommend chartering a speedboat from the Bonthe Holiday Village. There is a basic Conservation Society guesthouse where you can stay, or of course you could always pitch a tent. A boat trip to various islands is recommended as is swimming and fishing with local fishermen. The water, air and sand are clean and fresh which makes swimming a truly pleasurable experience.
  • The things castaway movies are made of; eight petite islands – Bakie, Bumpetuk, chepo, Hoong, Mut, Nyangei, Sei and Yele form the Turtle Islands, an undeveloped archipelago thrown across the Atlantic just off the western shore of Sherbro Island. These islands are characterized as photographers paradise and potentially a hub for fishing holidays. These exotic destination offers golden sandy beach and a perfect water temperature for swimming. While during the mating season you will have a chance of seeing sea turtles.
Visit Turtle Islands spend your time swimming, fishing and sunbathing
  • Duration: 4hr - 5hr
  • Refreshment: Lunch and cold drink are included
  • Time: Tour start at 9:00 - Ends at 19:00

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